Helena Whitaker

Helena Whitaker

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The cast and crew of “Apparition” really owe a special thanks to Script Supervisor, Helena Whitaker, we wouldn’t have come this Helena Whitaker far with this mammoth of a film if Helena wasn’t with us. Since day one she has played a vital role in all of the production of the movie, on the set and off. It’s always been apparent that God had brought her into this film’s production at the right exact moment. God has used her hugely.

But it’s not all been for the production. God has also introduced her to the rest of us on a personal level. I can’t express this enough, as this is true especially for myself. I call Helena and Sarah (Helena’s daughter) my family, my “sisters.”

Many people involved with “Apparition” know that the joy that I experience is, yes – that the screenplay is coming to fruition for all the scenes, but also because I’ve met the greatest people throughout this whole process and call them “very close friends” of mine today. Helena is no exception.

Thank you, Helena, for believing in what we’re doing, having the faith that you have, and supporting the dream.

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