Movies Based on a True Story

Movies Based on a True Story

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Since the beginning of film, movies have always been made about real life events – based on a true story, but not anymore. With App, I’d write a scene and then we’d film it, but something started happening in my personal life during the meantime: what was written on paper for the movie was becoming real.

Movies Based on a True StoryI can’t go into too many details about what happened in my personal life because it’d give away the movie, but I can give you one example: in the beginning, to prove it to myself, I put a small audio recorder on the end of the couch and pushed record. At that moment, I saw an apparition go up to it, stop, and then leave. I picked up the recorder pushed play and heard what it said.

Today? I don’t need a tape recorder to hear them. In the movie, Marcus, the main character who I play, is able to see and hear demonic spirits. This movie is based on a true story . . . that’s still being written.

Movies Based on a True Story






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