Steve Bowder

Steve Bowder

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A message from Jamison:
When I first found Steve I really needed to know if he was up to the task of writing music for the film. I knew that he was familiar with keys and had been playing for a long time, but I needed to know if he was able to produce music solely based on something visual – something that he would watch. In this case, scenes from a movie.

So I sent him a difficult scene to write music for. I figured that if he could do that, then he was the person I wanted. He returned and the music fit perfectly.

The music he wrote for “Apparition” is VERY emotional. Something I’m very proud of when I watch the scenes.

You can listen to an example of Steve’s work in the sample scene to the movie. Click here. All of the music you’ll hear is his.

Thank you, Steve, for all of the work you did for the soundtrack. The music you created has a lot of feeling, just like the scenes the music is playing in.

Steve Bowder





Image above: Steve also had a small role in the movie.

Image below: During my visit to the Chrome Lounge to meet with Steve, one of the locations we would film at shortly thereafter.

Steve Bowder


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